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Group Membership problem


I assume I simply did not get part of the shared group thing. I am stuck, pls help!

  • This is what I want to achieve!

I do have a sales/support team made out of tech A, tech B, tech C and they all belong to the group “tech-guys”


MANY external customers (=my dealers), who should auto join a “Customer Support” group via the registration plugin upon signup.

Now, the dealers should not see each other but they should the techies, i.e. members of tech-guys. Also Tech-guys should see all the dealers online at the moment.

  • This is what I did:

I setup a customer-support group and activated shared roster with the third option enabled, namely show this group in the roster of “techs-guys” so the techies do see the customers.

In “tech-guys” I setup shared roster and included “customer-support” so the available techies will be shown in the customer client.

  • This is what happening******

Its going exactly the other way around…

  1. WHY does every customer SEE the customer support group in his roster (=all the other customers!!! It is supposed to JOIN the group but not SEE it. I nowhere activated this feature, did I ??? )

If this is automatically done, why then can I choose to “how group in members roster” in the customer-support group definition (second option).

I do have all the sparks on my local machine and the server is 2.6.1. is there a need to restart the server after this kind of group management??

P.S. Yes, I know about the fastpath product, but I am not yet ready to go that route…

thanks in advance


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Hmm, could it be, that it is simply not possible to be member of a group and NOT see it in the own roster??? This seemas to be the case…

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Hi Starry,

I can reproduce this behaviour and I wonder if it is a bug or a documentation issue, maybe “Show group to members’’ rosters of these groups:” should be “Show group in group members’’ rosters and in rosters of these groups:” but as I didn’‘t write the code I’'m not sure.



Thanks alot as I was already thinking I’'ll go nuts.

It was enough of an experience to learn, that quite a few of this modifications do happen in realtime within wildfire but not in spark so you need to logoff/logon to be double sure, that it really does what you want it to do (almost )

However if this is by design, than I dont see any possiblity to make my application work at al!!!




Pls dont call me impatient but this one is a real showstopper for us. So I am asking just for some clarification like “bug or feature”? “Can be changed” or “is by desgin”.

Thanks in advance for shining some light onto it!