Group Name Not Found? Openfire 3.10.2

Good day

I have began having an error show up in my Openfire logs after some group names where changed in our Active Directory. I recreated the roster groups and they working great. However I am getting the following message in my error logs

2015.10.29 11:25:52 org.jivesoftware.openfire.ldap.LdapGroupProvider - Groupname not found Groupname not found

This message is repeated for each group that was effected by the name change. Does anyone have an idea on how to make Openfire stop looking for the Group Names that no longer

-Thank you all in advance for any help, advice, or ideas!


I have stumbled across the table in the database that seems to be providing the Group Name to search for. There doesn’t seem to be a way to adjust this via the admin console, at least one that is readily presenting itself.

Again thank you all

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openfire 3.10.2 still only loads (ldap/AD) groups at startup, see also [OF-921] MUC Group ACLs are not updated when users join a group - Jive Software Open Source

Your problem should be fixed with the next release I think, I need to try this out before though.

Great thank you for the reply and sorry for the delay. Is there a way that I can manually update the Group Cache until the next release? The only way that I found was to edit the SQL tables and remove the groups that are no longer in existence