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Group Names in Console: Group Summary not properly escaped

The issue tracker sent me to the forums, so…

The name of a group is not HTML escaped in the admin console. So a name in is treated by the browser as an HTML tag.

Version: 3.6.4

Addendum: MUCRooms in the same also seem to break the admin console (at the least) for Group Chat pretty badly, when it tries to create a JID for the room name (LocalMUCRoom.java 335) it errors out on the name being ‘null’. Though I haven’t figured out where in the chain it loses the plot.

For the groups names i have filed OF-393 Not sure about the second one. I think <> are not allowed in JIDs. Well, i think so. I have tried to create room with name (not JID) and it was displayed correctly in 3.7.0 Beta version. Specifying it as a JID throwed an exception. This is not nice and should be fixed to show a warning. OF-394

OF-393 fixed for 3.8.2