Group not working

I am building a new server for our Wildfire. I currently have 3.0 and the new server is 3.1.1.

After I connected to the ldap, all the users shows up fine. However, when I click on the group summary no group shows up. Yet, on the top of the page, it shows “Total Groups: 17” (this is the correct number), just no group name shows up in the list.

I have tried copying the configuration from the 3.0 sever (which works fine) to the new server but the list still does not show up. It stills hows “Total Groups: 17” on the top of the page. what do I need to change so the group name shows up?

This is the information in wildfire.xml . Thanks.

Take the member matching out of your LDAP query. Like this:





Beautiful. That works. Thanks a bunch.