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Group Participants not showing up in list


I just upgraded wildfire to version 2.5.1 and also I am using Exodus (jabber client).

There seems to be an issue or perhaps a lack of understanding on my side but when I set up and use chat rooms in wildfire the participants do not show up in the participant list (exodus client). They can post and receive fine but they are not in the list of participants. Is this a bug in wildfire or am I missing something?



Have just tested with 2.5.1 (upgraded from 2.5.0) on Windows. I can see all participants in chat room. This room is persistant, created on server. I have joined it with 2 users. Exodus and Psi. They can see each other in room’'s roster.

I was missing a setting in the creation of the room “Broadcast Presence For”. After enabling broadcast presence for Participant and Visitor I was able to see who was in the rooster list.