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Group Search feature in Admin Console

Has this been requested aready? Problem is that we have over 1000 groups being populated from our LDAP. It would be great to be able to search for one that I wish to edit.

Could this feature be added to the Search Plugin?

Hi jiver,

If you are using version 1.1.2 of the search plugin the that feature is already there. It is located in the Admin Console under Users/Groups -> Users -> Advance User Search.

Hope that helps,



It doesn’'t seem to be working for me.

Does it search on the value in ldap.groupNameField[/b] or what? The only checkboxes available for searching are username, name, and email. It can’'t be searching any group names from this can it?

Hi Jiver,

I apologize, I didn’‘t realize you were looking to search for groups, which is something the search plugin doesn’‘t handle. I can certainly add that feature to the search plugins’’ “wish list” for inclusion in a future version.

Hope that helps,


Having this feature would be great. Please do add it to the wish list.