Group Setup

I am running openfire 3.6 using AD for group and user management and I have run across an interesting question.

I have three users (we’ll call them users A, B and C). I need to set it up so that user A can see both users B and C in their contact list. User B and C can both see user A in their contact lists, but neither B or C can see each other. Is there a way to set it up like this? I tried to find a way and couldn’t seem to make it work like I wanted. Thanks in advance for the help.

Hi Scott,

I am probably gonna come off as sarcastic, but can’t you just create two groups, a+c in one and a+b in the other?

I suspect B and C are more than just two users in real life If so, I don’t know of a means to do that


Ya know logic would make you think exactly what you just said. But when I tested it users B and C could see each other. I also have two groups, users A and B in one and users A and C in the other and somehow users B and C still see each other. Thanks for the quick post though.