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Group Sharing not purging deleted users

I am sharing a group from my AD to users in my company. While when a new user is created it gets published, users that I delete from AD are not being purged from the end users buddy list. If i delete the user from my list they will not come back for me. However if I delete a known valid user that account will reappear. Any thoughts as to why the deleted accounts do not disappear from my users buddy lists?


I have seen that a number of people have looked at this thread but no one had any insite. However after thinking about this for a few days I have found a solution that works if you are using Pidgin for an IM client.

Create a startup script that runs when your users login to their computers. Add this entry:

cd "C:\Documents and Settings%username%\Application Data.purple"
del blist.xml

this will delete the buddy list and force a new list to be downloaded. I have tested this with my users on the floor that have no rights on their computers so you should not have any problems having this script run.