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Group sharing problem

Hi! I’m using Openfire 3.8.2 with LDAP integrated. I’ve faced a problem about group-sharing.

I want to set a group shared to everybody and two groups shared to only themselves.

With the following setting, members of everybodyGrp are seen to members of onlyGrp1 and onlyGrp2 while members of everybodyGrp does not see neither members of onlyGrp1 or onlyGrp2. The problem is that although members of everybodyGrp are online, they are seen to others as offline but they can chat.

select * from ofgroupprop;

groupname | name | propvalue

--------------------------±--------------------------±------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------------------

onlyGrp1 | sharedRoster.displayName | onlyGroup1

onlyGrp1 | sharedRoster.showInRoster | onlyGroup

onlyGrp1 | sharedRoster.groupList |

onlyGrp2 | sharedRoster.displayName | onlyGroup2

onlyGrp2 | sharedRoster.showInRoster | onlyGroup

onlyGrp2 | sharedRoster.groupList |

everybodyGrp | sharedRoster.displayName | everybodyGroup

everybodyGrp | sharedRoster.showInRoster | onlyGroup

everybodyGrp | sharedRoster.groupList |

*** I did my tests with Pidgin and Spark.

My question is how these group members can communicate each other with such the above group sharing settings.