Group that's not visible to its members

Openfire 3.5.2 on Fedora 6

When I create a group and edit it, under “Contact List (Roster) Sharing” it says:

By default, this group will only appear in the contact lists of the group’s members.. However, you can share this group with all users or members of other groups.

I then have two options:

Disable contact list group sharing

Enable contact list group sharing

On the first option, the group is visible to only its own members.

On the second, it’s visible to its own members plus members of other groups.

Wouldn’t it be more useful to have the first option make the group NOT visible to even members of the group?

Then throught the second option, you could enable sharing with the same group (and more groups) and achieve the same effect as the first or second options currently.

Or if anyone can think of a way I can make a list that I can share with other groups, but that members don’t know they’re members of…



I have lamented this poor choice of wording before, but the developers didn’t wish to commit a change to it.

By default, nothing happens. You have to enable list sharing for its own members to see the list.



Thanks – good to know, but still doesn’t entirely solve my problem. I want my group, “Administrators” to see the group, “Users” and yet not have “Users” be able to see the group “Users”. Any way this is possible? It doesn’t seem possible.

Openfire devs: Is there some formal feature request process?

Seems like a pretty easy change, just make “Enable contact list group sharing” enable group sharing, and then have the CURRENT group you’re editing in the selectable list below, instead of implicitely being included.


I have requested this feature, go vote for it:

Voted and commented. Thanks!