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Group transfer keeps appearing after closing the Chat

Hello Guys,

We have implemented Openfire 3.8.2 + Fastpah + Fastpath WebChat for our Company, right now everything is Great but we are having troubles when a Chat which comes from the WebChat is transfered to another Group, after the chat is transfered and ended, the agent/client closes the window and after a few seconds the transfer invitation shows up again, this happens a couple of time, even if the invitation is declined or accepeted.

Do you guys have any ideas of what may be the reason for this happening?

Thanks a lot for your time.

i experienced something similar before, turned out our timers were messed up…

check your faspath queue timers and retry settings from the OF UI --> Fastpath tab.–> Manager Settings

Also, these settings may be overriden on a per workgroup AND per queue level. So you need to check those as well.

View Workgroups --> (click your workgroup) --> Default Queue --> Edit Settings


View Workgroups --> (click your workgroup) --> Settings (on the left bottom side of the page)

Make sure these are all set the same to help in troubleshooting. Also make sure to not confuse Request Timeout with Offer Timeout.

Request timeout is how long a user (customer, whatever) sits on the browser page that has the spinning icon saying “routing your chat”. This should be longer than the Offer timeout.

Offer timeout is how long an agent (you) have to accept the chat request before it bounces from you back into the queue (to find another available agent) and/or times out.

Hello Jason and thanks for the reply. After checking the config I think everything is ok, I attached the pics of the General and Group config, maybe it could help. What else could it be?



how many agents do you have in the workgroup/queue?

the way you are configured now, a customer will sit on the spinning “routing chat” page for 240 seconds. During that time, fastpath will route to the first available agent, giving that agent 20 seconds to read the customers question and accept the chat, let it timeout, or reject it.

If the agent Accepts, then they chat with the customer.

If the agent rejects, then the chat request goes back into the queue and gets routed to the next available agent. If no other agents are available, then after the “Expire Agent Rejection” time passes (20 seconds), then it will re-ask the same agent again. This will repeat up to 3 times (Times to overflow before cancelling request) before the customer gets the “can’t route” page and it eitehr presents the email form (if configured) or says to try later.

If the agent lets the chat request expire, the same exact thing above happens as-if they rejected it.

So, it’s normal to have a chat bounce back to the same agent per your configuration.

Also, make sure your settings match accross the board unless you have good reason not to. For example, Default maximum chat sessions per agent should be 4 everywhere if that’s what you want. Helps in troubleshooting to have the master, workgroup, and queue settings match.