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Group Troubles with Active Directory

For starters here is the relvant part of my config:


Couple of issues. It knows there are goups in the admin page, but it doesn’‘t list them, presumably because cn is blank so it can’'t iterate through the names to generate the tables. Should I use ou instead of cn for groups?

I’‘d like to have users’’ buddy lists auto-populated with the people that are in their groups. My current setup finds users no problem, but does not successfully time them to groups. Users are all in Organizational Units at the root of the tree, so that group policies can be pushed to them.

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I’'ve been tinkering a bit more and still not getting exactly what I want.

I’'ve modified my SearchFilter for groups, and it now finds 57 groups, but there are no names in the adminstration page. It will say now showing 1-15, or 16-30 etc but there is not actually a list of groups!