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GroupChat help!

Hi all,

I’'m trying to make this simple code work:

conn = new XMPPConnection(“localhost”);

GroupChat groupChat = conn.createGroupChat(“test@chat.localhost”);


but I get a “No response from server.” error.

I also tried changing the service name to "test@conference.jabber.org " but nothing.


What server are you using? Does the server know that it’'s supposed to be “localhost”? Also, test@conference.jabber.org will only work if your server supports s2s (server to server).



Hi Matt!

Thank you for replying!

The server I’'m using is Openim.It is recognized as “localhost” because I can connect.The problem is, to groupChat.join(“me”).In this line I have the exception.

Also i don’'t know if the room “test” has been created.

Can you tell me another public chat room (except from test@conference.jabber.org) that i can connect as client (c2s), so i can test this code?

thank u