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Groupchat: User displays as present in a chat channel after logoff


I have a feeling this may have been resolved by (JM-436), as I am using 2.2.2 on our live server, but occasionally when users disconnect they are displayed as present in chatrooms, despite the server showing no connection and the database showing their cached presence info as logged off.

At present I’'m unsure whether the underling cause is the client (GAIM latest stable) or the server, but I feel the server could handle the situation better, even if the problem is clientside in origin

It’'s possible to double click on the username in the chat channel and it brings up an IM window to channelname@conference.servername/username, and messages to this user silently fail. (No message store; I would expect messages to bounce. Non-anonymous, saved persistent channel)

BTW extremely happy with jive-messenger on the whole, we’'re currently running only a test group (highest is 35 users online so far) but are about to roll it out to hundreds.

Anyhow, I will download 2.3.0 beta1 onto our test server and try to replicate the problem there, but I was hoping you guys could shed some more light on the issue.