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Grouping with AD/LDAP by attribute, not by Group possible?


populating the roster with Active Directory Groups works flawless, however what I would like to do is a selection based on the attribute “department” of every user, grouping those that share the same attribute. Is there a way to make it possible?

At the moment, Openfire just checks all names that are noted inside one attribute, resulting in 20 Groups with the name “whatever” one member each if you have 20 users working at department “whatever”.

As I’m an absolute newbie comming to AD/LDAP, I still got hope left, that it’s something plain and simple I missed.

It’s not possible.

You can’t even do that in AD out of the box (unless you consider dynamic distribution lists).

There are 3rd party ways of creating such groups (we use MIIS and Microsoft’s Group Management code) but it’s not a simple setup by any means.