Groups by Active Directory parent-child relationships?

Is there a way to populate roster groups automatically based on LDAP parent-child relationships?

We have a hierarchy of organizationalUnits in Active Directory we would like to appear in our users’’ Jabber clients as roster groups. Wildfire’‘s configuration calls for a “Member Field” attribute (/jive/ldap/groupMemberField in wildfire.xml), but our OUs don’'t have a single attribute that enumerates the DNs of all members. We want to their children as their members.

Our company is growing fast, so a single long list of staff members would be overwhelming to our users. And interdepartmental changes are too frequent for administrators to maintain separate LDAP groups for each department. We want to maintain the OU hierarchy and use it to drive everything else.

Any way to do what we want?

Wildfire is a very interesting system that we found easy to set up and start using, apart from this issue.

Just answered your question in another thread. Go vote for JM-806.

We decided to maintain a new set of department-based groups in Active Directory for this purpose.

Thanks for the quick response.