Groups list is the same as users list

Hi this is our ldap configuration, for the wildfire_3_0_1 the groups list was empty and today

we have updated the server to the 3_1_0 but the group list now is the same as the user list

any idea?

We’'ve experimenting with different values on posix mode but is not working.

Thanks in advance


I think your problem is:

Replace uid by gid. Maybe, it can help

Thanks for the response Ohmer but with “uid” it was fine, this is a ldap search for a group:

dn: uid=mygroup,ou=groups,o=accounts,dc=myorganization,dc=es


ou: groups

objectClass: posixGroup

objectClass: myorganizationAccount

description: Description

businessCategory: workgroup

uid: mygroup

gidNumber: 1194

cn: mygroup

memberUid: user1

memberUid: user2

owner: xxxxx

Thanks again.

In my working configuration (OpenLDAP), I have this for the groups ldap config:

Thanks Ohmer now this is working but i have another problem, i’'ll open a new thread with this new problem.

Thank you very much for your help.