Groups not listing correctly in Wildfire 3.0.1

Can anyone tell me, based on the settings below, why Wildfire 3.0.1 is not picking up the correct number of AD groups? Occasionally it shows the correct count…approximately 95 groups, but it varies constantly. I have seen it display as little as 24 groups in the last few hours. It’'s very, very random and is causing major problems when I want to manipulate the groups that are not being listed. Under the Users/Groups>Group Summary tab is where I am seeing this. There are numbered links which should show 15 groups under each link. At this point I am only seeing 1-3 links, when I should see at least 6-7. This issue is preventing me from adding any new groups (or at least having them show up). Please help!

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(sAMAccountName=)) ]]> - - <![CDATA[ (& (objectCategory=Group) (objectClass=group) (memberOf=cn=WildfireGroups,ou=Wildfire,dc=northamerica,dc=domain,dc=com) (member=)



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Have you tried this in the latest version 3.1.1?



Yes. It doesn’'t work any better with these settings.

At this time we are not willing to upgrade to a new version, and add the probability for “different” problems to fix an issue that shouldn’‘t be happening in the first place. Active Directory hasn’‘t changed in years. Why would a new version be required? My question is this…Is this a valid XML? If it isn’'t…why?

I appreciate the response, but we want this version to work before we consider an upgrade.


A ton of work was done on LDAP for the 3.1 release. I ended up basically re-writing the LDAP group support from the ground up. However, when you make the switch to 3.1, your search filter and group search filter values need to change. The (sAMAccountName=) and (member=) are now redundant (they’'ll be added by Wildfire automatically now) and will cause problems – this is detailed further in the LDAP settings documentation.

Any chance you could deploy the latest 3.1, fix up the filter values and do some additional testing?

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