Groups Not showing up in Spark

I configured my groups in AD and then went into openfire and configured which groups can see what groups. I also added my group that i am in to coincide with the groups i am configuring. My group can see all the groups that i gave permission to see but the other group does not see the same groups. Everything is configured correctly. What should i check?

This is not a Spark issue, so i have moved this thread to Openfire Support forum.

It’s really hard to investigate such issues. Because you almost literally have to see how settings for groups are set. You are not providing enough information to see the whole picture. Give some examples with real or fictional group names and users, tell which group is set to see what groups exactly, etc. Also it may be helpful to know how exactly have you configured your AD settings.

Sorry about that. Was going to get back to adding more information but got busy. Here is the information. We have 28 groups in AD labeled Chat - department name/position.

I have one group called CHAT - 1 and i want to give group CHAT - 2 the ability to see chat -1 but chat - 1 cannot see chat - 2. So i i went into in Chat - 1 and select Chat - 2 to be able to view Chat -1. I also let group CHAT - 3 see Chat - 1. I have different people in each chat group. I am in Group Chat - 3. I launch my Spark and i can see chat - 1. But i had an employee in Chat - 2 sign into Spark and they do not see chat - 1 group. I am administrator of openfire and the other user is a normal person.

Do you have identical Spark settings in your Spark and the user from chat2 group? Is there someone online in chat1? Maybe noone is online in chat1 group and a user from chat2 group has disabled empty groups showing? Other than that your setup example seems right and i was able to recreate in on my test server (only with local users, not AD) and it works the way you want. Maybe it’s some LDAP thing.

Yes everybody is setup correctly. There is people signed in group chat - 1 but i have the show offline and empty groups enabled on the spark. We are using LDAP and not local users. Everybody that uses spark/openfire uses a login that is imported from AD. Even myself.