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Groups/Roster issues and Exodus


I have jive server and exodus clients at least authenticating just fine. I setup hte jive server so that there are 2 groups, 1 group is IM_Pilot has about 40 users. I have another group IM_Production that has about 900 users in it. Both are shared to all and I can see them just fine thru the admin console. But once I open an exodus client, I’‘m a member of both groups, I only see a few of each. And when I know that one of my pilot users are online, I never see their presence in my client. I can talk to only 2 users out of the 10 or so I can see in the groups in my client. another client I just can’'t talk to, but I can see everyone when I search for contacts. Am I not doing something right or do I have to setup Vcards for everyone? My goal was to have everyone in AD in those 2 security groups and have both groups seen by everyone (for now) for their rosters lists. am I way off?

Thanks for any help!