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Groups, Rosters and Active Directory

I’ve got Openfire set up to use our Acive Directory for authentication, and all is working well there. Now what I’d like our users to see on their Jabber client is their contacts grouped based on AD security groups. So I have one AD group called GroupA and another called GroupB. In the groupSearchFilter I’ve got:


In the Openfire admin console, I have told each group to “Share Group With Addtional Users”, and checked each group’s box. So far so good. GroupA can see GroupA and GroupB’s members and vice versa. However, they are all just listed in one big list. What I’d like to do is have the rosters show up with those groupings in their jabber clients. Like so:





Is this possible?


If the text box called “Contact list group name” is empty and you checked the box, my understanding is they wont appear in a group, but the users will just be pushed to the roster.

Trying giving them both names in that box and see what happens.