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Groups viewing non members

How can a user view a group without being a member of that group?

What do you mean by “viewing” a group as a non-member?



lets say i have 5 groups and i’'m only in one of the groups…

Basicly if i’‘m not in the group i can’'t see it. I want to allow non members of a group to be able to see that group… Like have a subscriber and member checkbox.

That’‘s a good suggestion, maybe it’'s possible to develop in the future?

I have another example… Let’'s say I have 3 groups; Tech Support, Quality Assurance and Management.

I as a supervisor for tech am part of the tech group and management group but I cannot broadcast a message to the QA group (unless this broadcast plugin allows that?)

What I have done so far with my server and groups is that I have included a “master” group with everyone’'s name on it and of course they also repeat on the group you belong to. For example, I have John Doe under Customer service (master group) and John Doe under Tech Support as he is a technician.

So in other words if there was a way to see members of each group without being in that group particulary would eliminite the need for a master group and therefore cut down the amount of repeated users in a roster.

well having the ability to view groups but not be members i think is critical when i wrote a sql script to populate peoples roster with groups and roster but it was heavy and the server needed to be restarted to reflect the change.

I would love to just be able to have subscribers of groups, so that you can view it but not be a member of it… like interdepartment messaging.

Ok, I think I understand a bit better now. There’'s a couple different ways to potentially practically address this. Going from just a single option of showing the group to group members, two extra options would be available:

  • Whow the group in everyone’‘s roster, regardless of membership. That would be really cool in conjunction with Jive Live Assistant – for example, have an IT alias in everybody’'s roster that would let people connect to a queue in order to ask IT questions.

  • Show the group to a list of other groups. This starts getting complicated to understand but I can see the use cases.

Would those two extra options address what you guys are looking for?



  • Show the group to a list of other groups.

That would be awsome… that is exactly what i want.

if you can arrange that then it’'s perfect.

actually both options would be awsome… make a group global… and then make groups available by other groups… for lets say managers can see certian hidden groups but not anyone else.

  • Show the group to a list of other groups.

Correct, because I as a part of a group should be able to see other groups from the same company but I am not necessarily a member of that group, unless of course that group chooses to be “private” Like the CEO of the company can be in a private group so not everyone in customer service can see him and send questions to him in regards to pay haha

  • Whow the group in everyone’'s roster, regardless of membership.
  • Show the group to a list of other groups.

It would also be great to add members and “viewers” to groups.

Members will be normal members of the group, viewers will only see

the group but they are not a member of the group.

That would have the advantage that we can select which user should

see which groups, maybe in future the users can select groups they

want to have on their roster themselves.

Following is an example of how I would like to be able to use the group functionality. This would be used on a small college campus for students, faculty, and staff.

Each department (I.T. Office, Accounting, Enrollment, etc. . .) would have its own group with the users from each department listed as members of that group and located on the roster. Each group could then have other groups added to their roster, but not as member of the group.

This seems to be the second option that Matt mentioned in his above post. I would love to see this implemented.

I want to have some users test the server starting later today, with a few users add to one single group. How far off is a better group implementation? This new method suggested really is the “killer feature” for our deployment of an xmpp/jabber server.

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I want to have some users test the server starting

later today, with a few users add to one single

group. How far off is a better group implementation?

This new method suggested really is the "killer

r feature" for our deployment of an xmpp/jabber


2.1.0 Final comes out tomorrow so there likely won’‘t be time to add it for that release. If that’‘s the case, we’‘ll try to get the updates into 2.1.1. There’'s no estimated release date for 2.1.1 yet, but I would bet that it would be in about 3 weeks.



ok then i’‘ll wait for 3 weeks before i use it. I just think that the group feature is kind of usless if you can’'t see other groups.

Thanks for the update thought I really like jive

mmmh did a double-post, please ignore.

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What is the progress on this suggestion? Thanks.