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Groups with External Addresses and Documentation?

Hi there,

Brand new install. I have setup Openfire to talk to my AD LDAP directory. Contact List Group sharing works great. Someone from California group logs in, they see who’'s online in Colorado and Texas.

However, I want to add (and push to the clients) a “Contractors” Contact List Group that has people who aren’'t part of our company or LDAP directory, but they do have external AIM, MSN, and/or Yahoo addresses.

Any idea on how to accomplish this?

I have the external gateway plug-in active and it’'s working fine for our test users who also have AIM and MSN accounts.

Also, I can’‘t seem to find any documentation about Openfire. I see the install guides that came with the product’‘s download. But I already have the product installed and integrated with mySQL and LDAP, and that’‘s where the documentation seems to end. There’'s no help files or links in the Openfire admin area either.

Much of it seems self explanatory and/or has limited options anyway, but is there a documentation file somewhere that goes into additional detail for the tabs and selections?