Growl/Snarl as notification system


Growl/Snarl could notify you of many XMPP related activities.

I saw that Skype, Psi and Adium use Growl for all kinds of notifications (and many others too ).

I believe they did not want to invent yet another “Toaster” window.

Has anyone of you thought about using Growl/Snarl as a generic notification system? Here I found a Java 4Snarl library ( ).


PS: Should I ask this question better to Smack Dev instead of here (e.g. creating a bind to Snarl using Smack)?

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Spark already can use Growl, it will notify on new messages.

I have checked the Spark src, found the Growl plugin and may follow it for Snarl.

Thanks for your help.

Sweet. If you get that working, I would love to check out the code and put it into trunk.