GSoC Project Successfully Completed!

I am proud to announce that I have successfully completed my Google Summer of Code Project. As we hit the official pencils down date, I thought it might be good to publish results and final toughts.

I started the project in time and completed it 3 working days later than planned, though it could require more effort if we didn’t change our goals. I cooperated with Tomas and Tobias to fix the flaws I couldn’t notice during development. Changes I made to Openfire and XIFF are listed here and here. All changes have been imported into trunk and hopefully be included in next releases.

It was a wonderful experience to work on Openfire and SparkWeb, especially with my mentor Gaston. Even if my GSoC project is complete, I feel there’ll always be something to do for me with Jabber. I am having fun with Jabber, and planning to continue working on Jabber development as a community contributor.

I would like to thank Google for giving me such a great opportunity. I also thank David Smith and Peter Saint-Andre for their excellent support.

See you around!

Were you able to make any progress in getting openfire to Mina for the BOSH/http-bind stuff?

Good work, and congratulations!

We couldn’t come to a decision about the migration to Apache MINA, beacuse we couldn’t have the opportunity to test it and its alternatives. That’s why we changed our roadmap. However, I will be happy to do that in the future if the Openfire team comes to a conclusion.

Good work!

It mentions you did some work on the BOSH stuf, is there some information about how to implement BOSH on openFire? I couldn’t find anything of use in the forum?

Hi drh,

BOSH is already implemented in openfire. You can configure it from Server Settings/Http Binding section of openfire’s admin console.

Thanks Safa. I’m not really sure what BOSH is but apparently we need it in our project so it’s good to know openFire has support for it