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Gtalk Client using Smack Jingle


I am trying to implement a GTalk voice-chat client in Java. I tried java-bells sample app (javaBellsSample with talk.google.com host). I was able to login and getting the status of Roster entities. but when sending “Session-Initiate” request. I am getting 503/Cancel/‘service-unavailable’ from google server. Meanwhile for incoming call request (from remote party is being denied at remote end by saying “Voice/video chat is not yet available for Perry’s system.” .

While using Smack-Jingle Demo application. I am stuck as Server is sending "501/Cancel/Feature not implemented Error.

I am sure I am missing something in my code…

Coould anyone provide me the sample working code which can be used with gtalk server for Voice Chat.

Thanks in advance.

501-503-Error-Response.zip (1161 Bytes)