Guest Access to Openfire Conference Room

Hi Everyone

We are wanting to create a group chat conference room that remote users can access, who are not using spark.

Basically we want something that is setup in the same way as the web chat that is available here on the igniterealtime website.

Can the users access the conference room via a web link ?

Any information on this would be fantastic.

Do you mean access to a conference room from the web without needing a valid user account? If so, I don’t think that’s possible in the way that you describe - I asked a similar question a while back -

You can still use SparkWeb for this of course, but you will need all your users to have accounts, whether that’s via LDAP / Active Directory, or another method. If I’m wrong and it IS possible to have true guest / anonymous access, I’d like to know as well… :slight_smile:


Hi Nick

What you posted in the linked article is spot on, we would love to replicate how Jive do there group chat every Wednesday.

But ultimately the ability for people to log into the chat room without having to authenticate is the key to this, plus the fact it’s running through our Openfire server.

Can anyone shed any light on this topic?

Anyone from Jive help with this ???

Anyone ??

I am not sure if I am giving enough information…

Is there a way that I can get user’s to connect to a conference room created in openfire via a weblink ?, basically we would like to setup a conference room and email this link so several people (who do not have spark) so we can all chat together, I realise we could just get a Java chat room or something like that but we really want this to go through our openfire server ?

I really need this to be like the JIVE Developer Chat room that they hold every week, on this site…

In the Openfire admin console under Group Chat… you can create a new room that broadcast’s the presence of “Visitors,” which makes me think that there may be a way to do it. As for emailing out a link (please keep in mind I haven’t tested this out yet), there’s probably a way to do that using the SparkWeb plugin. The whole point of that plugin is to allow remote users to be able to communicate through a web interface. Give that a shot (I’m also planning on trying a few things out – I’ll let you know what I find) and see what happens.


Has anyone been able to work out a way to do this yet ?

Just to clarify all we really want to do is create a open webchat room, so guests and spark users can connect to via a weblink.

I realise there are lots of free software out there that can do this but there must be a way with Openfire, and the guys a jive used this to do there webchats.


Anyone ?

Just thought I would re-open this question. Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this?