Guide to run OpenFire on standard SSL port 443


Is there any guide which will help me run OpenFire on standard SSL port 443 only?

Any pointers will be of great help.



You can change ports (never tried myself) on the first page of Admin Console. Button on the bottom “Edit Properties”. But then you will have to change the port for every client to 443. Because all clients will try jabber standard port 5222.

Thanks @wroot.

I tried that, but the changes are not reflecting after save & openfire service restart.

Screenshots attached.

What am I missing?

Thanks again.

As i said, i have never tried it myself. Maybe 443 is not available as it is reserved by the system or some other service. What if you try any other port number, like 5229. Does it stick after the restart?

This looks to be good Open further ports for Openfire to connect with

I’ll try it today and post updates.