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Habotat - A bot server

I’'m working on an open source project called Habotat (pronounced like habitat[/i]). Habotat is basically an IM bot server. It uses Smack to connect to GoogleTalk but it also supports AIM and YIM through other libraries. The project homepage is here: http://www.hyperrealm.com/main.php?s=habotat

The project is not yet ready for public consumption (version 0.4 is very rough and I don’‘t recommend downloading it). But I will have a beta version out soon. In the meantime, I’'d be interested in hearing any feedback. And I could definitely use some help if anyone is interested in contributing to the project.



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Hey Mark,

It looks like a nice project. So Habotat provides a Bot container, a Bot framework to easily build new bots and many out of the box bots, right?


– Gato

Yes, that’'s all of it. The API is pretty simple, and while the included bots are useful themselves, they also serve as coding examples, so hopefully it will be easy for other people to write their own bots and perhaps contribute some to the project.