Hacking your server and ip


After we look important trafic in our server and also IP in SPAM list

For RUssian forums we get thsi information:

Servers use OPENFIRE with the MSN module and other "yahoo icq, …) is possible to hack for use seam a “relay mail proxy server”

Please in time ignite not reply to this mail. Close the addon. or your server is in risk of the hacker

This is highly unlikely. For the server to work as a proxy relay it would need its smtp ports enabled. This port is not used by the server so unless it has been allowed by the individual configuring the server then relay is not possible. The gateway plugin does recieve mail notifications for the users authenticated to the services, but this should not allow relay of mail.

very sorry but http://www.ribuaninformasi.com/ads/117/msn-email-server.php no means THIS YOU LIKE

OUR SERVERS IS BEFORE ON THIS LIST . Openfire have one BUG in linux server this is very sure . And after uninstall Openfire all come normaly

is better try to look if there any bug before make any new comentary

can you provide details as to how you are getting your information? What site is telling you openfire gateways are email relays? The site listed above does not mention openfire.

before in this list is my servers and I think is in off the the list of emails try to get relay now in the domain not have any more openfire.

if ignite need any information about the problem and my servers I no have any problem in give. bUt never in the forum. I have in off problems

with this bug.

I am not a member of ignite/jive but I am curiuos to how you came to your conclusion. I have run a full port scan of my server and it does not have any port available that will work as a mail relay, with the gateways running. You could send me a private message via my ID here with more details as how you came to your conclusion. I can then forward them to the one openfire developer.

I can’t find any evidence that you can cause any problems on my own servers. (Linux based) I can’t even see in the site you reference where it says you can exploit Openfire. I’m having a lot of problems following what is being said here… like what the exploit is, how to trigger it, what exactly is causing it, etc etc. The IM Gateway MSN transport does not open an email listener at all. Matter of fact it opens no service ports at all. (or else you’d only be able to have one person logged in at a time, since they would fight over the same port)

Is very easy man if you look the forum only you need to send one exploit to the msn gateway. This record or modify one file in your server and you automatic you send spam.

Is a security problem in the msn gateway.

Instead of saying “it’s very easy” and “just look in the forum”, can you paste the exploit here? I don’t see -anything- at the site you reference that tells me anything.