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Half the people on user's roster switched back to 'pending'

We’re testing openfire in my department to see if we want to deploy it company-wide. I have Openfire 3.6.3 installed on a Windows XP box. We’re authenticating through AD. The clients are Spark 2.5.8.

My boss has about 30 people she’s paired to chat with. Last weekend about 2/3 of them all switched from whatever status they were (most of them away) to ‘pending’. Now, I can go in and fix them through the admin console (at least, I think I can) but I’m curious if anyone’s seen this before and what might have caused it. I’ve tried searching and didn’t see anything come up. Maybe I used the wrong search terms…

Thanks in advance for any insight!

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You can probably fix this by restarting Openfire. Not really a fix, just maybe a workaround until someone will give a better advice.