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Handle events for custom provider

i am tryting to create a custom provider and then want to listen for incoming items after subscribing to a node

so far i have create a **LocationExtension **and **LocationProvider **classes and register a custom provider in smack.providers programatically




new com.bcl.provider.LocationProvider());

i am able to pares the incoming location element in **LocationProvider **as it implements PacketExtensionProvider.

Now the issue is when i try to register a listener for incoming locaiton elements as follows , my handler is not getting called

node = (LeafNode) mgr.getNode(“mynode/loc”);

ItemEventCoordinator<PayloadItem<LocationExtension>> locationHandler =

new ItemEventCoordinator<PayloadItem<LocationExtension>>();



Here is the event listener class which is not getting called , can any one tell me wht am i missing ?

class ItemEventCoordinator implements ItemEventListener{

public void handlePublishedItems(ItemPublishEvent items){




public String toString()


return "ItemEventCoordinator: " + id;



Can anyone plz help me over here , did anyone have face this before ?