Handling character escaping

I’'m trying different clients with the transport gateway. Spark seems to be somewhat effected by the character escaping added with the beta 0.6 version.

The log files are now going into directories because of the \ character in the name when the client tries to create the log file.

So now messages logged through the transport show as username\40hotmail.com@msn.blah.org.xml (username is the directory, 40hotmail… is the filename) instead of the previous username%hotmail.com@msn.blah.org.xml.

Just thought I’‘d bring it up. Also see http://www.igniterealtime.org/forum/thread.jspa?threadID=24090&tstart=30 to find out what I’'m talking about.


SPARK-376 is a known issue, one may vote for it so Derek gets attention of it.


That’'s almost the same issue. The issue here is the actual name does not contain the characters but the escaping of % to \40 from the transport puts the \ in the name.

I’‘ve voted for that fix just incase it’'s related.