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Hard Disk Space problem


I have a little issue, In my environment I have installed openfire with mysql but now the hd is not have space free and in mysql folder i see many files with 1.0gb

For example

mysql-bin.000001 size 1,0gb

mysql-bin.000002 size 1,0gb

mysql-bin.000003 size 1,0gb

mysql-bin.000004 size 1,0gb

mysql-bin.000005 size 1,0gb

mysql-bin.000006 size 1,0gb

mysql-bin.000007 size 1,0gb

mysql-bin.000008 size 1,0gb

mysql-bin.000009 size 1,0gb

Followed in attachment screenshot.

Problema solved, this files are sql log files.

using this command you can erase this files

mysql > flush master.