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Hardcoded ports red5 uses

we have red5 plugin for openfire and also have red5 standalone server on the same server. We are having problems with our red5 standalone server and wonder if there are any hardcoded ports red5 plugin for openfire uses that we cannot change through openfire admin cp.

red5 plugin for openfire contains a fully working red5 server ver 0.7.0. You cannot run 2 red5 servers on the same box.


I knew you would have great knowledge about red5. questions

1/ if we only have red5 plugin for openfire. You’ve mentioned it is red5 0.7.0. does it use tomcat6? Can we install other applications in /webapps directory. Once we do this I am guessing we have to restart openfire which will restart redt5?

2/ if above cannot be done with other apps in /webapps, can we direct openfire to use the red5 standalone server? How can this be done?

3/ is there a red5.properties so I can see all the ports or another file?

The red5 plugin for openfire was developed from the Tomcat war version of Red5. Look at folder plugins/red5/WEB-INF/classes for all the red5 config files. You can add more red5 or web applications. Openfire does not use Tomcat. It uses Jetty web server instead. They are both J2EE web servers.

  1. use openfire web admin console to change your root application name from red5 to any name you like. For example you can change web application name from red5 to my-apps.

  2. For a new red5 application my-app, create plugins/red5/WEB-INF/classes/my-app-web.xml. look at oflaDemo-web.xml as an example. Copy all java class files to plugins/red5/WEB-INF/classes or put in jar file and copy to plugins/red5/WEB-INF/lib

  3. Put your new web application files for my-app in the plugins/red5 folder or create a subfolder my-app and make the start page index.html

  4. Run your app as http://my-server:7070/my-apps/my-app or http://my-server:7070/my-apps/my-app.html

On a different project, I converted openfire into a webapp for the standalone Red5 server. Apart from plugins not working properly, everything else does work fine. I might release it on code.google.com soon when I can find time to fix the plugins problem.

It is too bad I cannot have 2 red5 on the same box. Unfortunately we need the red5 standalone server for other web servers. This means we cannot install your red5 plugin for openfire. On another box we have your red5 plugin install and love. Excellent job!

About your testing project openfire as a plugin for red5 standalone server, please let me know when you have this available. I am using a ubunut 8.04 LTS 64 bit box.


I have our red5 standalone server up and running. But I would really like to use your red5 plugin for openfire. It has an amazing sparkweb with better features than the plain jane sparkweb 0.9.0 like connecting to fastpath, video, audio.

Any suggestions?