Hardest bug-submission web site i''ve seen

the Jive software is pretty impressive, but the hoops that one has to go through just ot submit a bug (for the first time) is outragenous. I’'ve never see an open source project make it so bloody hard to register a bug. The web site needs a lot of improvement so newcomers can provide their bug reports.

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Well, this not a Spark related topic, so maybe moderators should move it to Jive Lounge forum. I think it’'s always hard for a novice user on any project page, bug system etc. And nowadays you have to register almost everythere and tens times per day Joking. But… I dont really remember any bug system where you dont have to be registered to submit something. Jive Software approach is different. So there are no spamers, no noncenses and no dozens of duplicates in bug system. And i know a lot of projects that has forums for bugs reporting.

Personally i’'m looking for anonymous submit forms or forums with Guest accounts at first. I dont like registering too But if you are going to use Spark/Wildfire for a long time it could be usefull to have an account, to be able to discuss something, ask a question, thank for a help, etc.


it’‘s really hard to register a bug, but it’'s very easy to post in the forum that you did find a possible bug. Posting it in the Spark forum Derek will likely look at it and create an issue to get the bug fixed unless you did “discover” a well-known issue.