Has anyone successfully configured Multiple Instances on a single Openfire server?

Hi Support,

Since im not successfull configuring my openfire to authenticate on the 3 different domains i want to try multiple instances. Currently on my test inviroment im running 3 openfire server to cater each domain so far it works fine using the 3 openfire server they can send/received and add users to every domains. So this means i need to managed 3 servers at same time which i dont want if Multiple instaces can work. Please advice.



hi Albert,

Can you elobarate the question ?

Multiple instance can be run with different port number.

Thanks for the reply Rahul!

Currently i have 3 openfire server and configured S2S setup. Im thinking to install it on a single server but multiple instances so that i dont need to managed 3 servers just for the openfire. I hope you can give some advice on this.

FYI, reason why i have 3 servers is because i have 3 different domain. I gave up on configuring the multiple LDAP authencation because no clear documentation about the steps.



  1. Extract openfire with the name in /opt/openfire_2

  2. Go to /opt/openfire_2/bin/ and change the name of the openfire file to openfire_2

  3. Go to /opt/openfire_2/conf/openfire.xml and change the console ports from 9090 and 9091 to 9098 and 9099

  4. Create shortcut sudo ln -s /opt/openfire_2/bin/openfire_2 /etc/init.d/

  5. Run sudo service openfire_2 start

  6. Open the browser localhost:9098 and start setting up as you want with different domain.

Do not forget to change the xmpp ports to something else than 5222.

Hey how are you. Is it possible to run 3 openfire server on one computer