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Have some questions about XEP-045 iOS, Android

Hello, dudes! I have running OpenFire some weeks in my testing environment. Great server I think, good UI, good Admin interface. But I have some troubles with my mobile clients - Xabber (Android), Talkonaut (iOS). When I trying join to room, for creation this room, I have error - this room is locked from entry until configuration is confirmed. I googled about this problem - room created, but client doesn’t give a configuration to the server. This is described in XEP-045 - http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0045.html. How to resolve this issue? Same problem with iOS client (Talkonaut). Some dudes says, that I need Instant room configuration in openFire. How do that?

Unfortunatelly it seems that Xabber (and possibly Talkonaut) doesn’t have option to save new room’s settings. I suspect Xabber doesn’t fully support XEP-0045 standard. I think you should contact developers of these clients and ask them to create support for this.