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Have Working Xiff3 + Crypto Solution for TLS -Enjoy : )


sorry to be that guy, but i think i found one more problem

line 207:

_incompleteRawXML += s;//concatenate the raw xml to the previous

should be:

_incompleteRawXML = s;

because when you pass in the concatenated strings, you are concatenating the new data twice

line 269

handleReceivedData(_incompleteRawXML + ev.data as String);

Tried to fax it to no avail. so I mailed it instead.

Argh. Anything at our end that I could bug people to fix? I want to streamline this as much as possible.

That only happens if the string itself doesn’t parse out. I believe that’s part of the default xiff project anyways.

I do the concatentation there because I replaced line 124 of trunk

var rawXML:String = _incompleteRawXML + ev.data as String;


var rawXML:String = s;

This is so both sockets can submit to handleReceivedData().

What issue are you running into.

I used the Fax # on the document, but someone picked up on the other end. Sounded more like a resident so I just stuck it in an envelope. I can try again tomorrow and see if the same thing happens.

Yeah I tried to fax again and just got an answering machine. Just using the # of the organization contrib doc. At least there’s a hard copy in the mail.

BTW I have a quick question. I have some other possible contributions for the project. Do I just keep posting those similar to how I did this one or is there a pipeline process I can join for the project.

If you set up a JIRA account (http://www.igniterealtime.org/issues/) I can turn on write access for it, so you can file issues and attach patches. That’s probably the best way to handle things for now.

you are saying

_incompleteRawXML += sbut s = function param = _incompleteRawXML + ev.data as String

sorry about the formatting, from now on ill use plain text to input

you are saying

_incompleteRawXML += s


s = function param = _incompleteRawXML + ev.data as String

so now

_incompleteRawXML = _incompleteRawXML + _incompleteRawXML + ev.data as String

Ah I see.

At that point it’s pretty much discarded though from what I can tell. Easy enough fix though.

Change line 113 to be “handleReceivedData(s);”;

Change line 170 to be “var rawXML:String = _incompleteRawXML+s;”

Change line 269 to be “handleReceivedData(ev.data);” or “handleReceivedData(ev.data as String);”

Done using the same account name “exnihilo”.

You should have permissions on JIRA now… if all went as intended.

Sounds good. Which project do I post on though. 3.1.0 is the latest I see but the trunk is past version 3.5.

You should have access to http://www.igniterealtime.org/issues/browse/SW and http://www.igniterealtime.org/issues/browse/XIFF

Don’t worry about versions at the moment. I still need to get that organized.

Ah ok. Yeah I can browse them and create new issues/features/tasks/ect.

Is Sean no longer with the project?

Seems to be the case :confused:

this is a necessary fix. it was causing me problems with a very large roster.

also, i just wanted to thank you for submitting this code. im sure it will help many people, including me.

No worries, thanks for catching it.

Are you working on the meglobe project?