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Having a group chat that broadcasts message only to a subset of the members


I am working on a project that includes a group chat butI have not used xmpp before.

I need to have some wap users chatting through a web page. However, the group chat is supported by wildfire as some other xmpp clients can participate in the room.

What I am thinking of doing is have a xmpp proxy that will talk to wildfire on behalf of the wap clients. Therefore, when I send a message to wildfire from my proxy I don’'t want it to forward this message to the users behind the proxy (who actually cannot talk xmpp).

Is there a way of configuring a room and some users to get that behaviour from wildfire?

I don’‘t quite get the problem. When your proxy is the only one connecting to the XMPP server, the WAP clients wouldn’‘t get any messages from the server anyways, since the server doesn’'t know anything about them. All messages would be sent to the proxy, which could then transform them into something else and send that to the WAP client.

Hi anlumo,

I understand that the WAP client doesn’‘t exist from wildfire’'s point of view. I was probably not clear in my explanations. The problem is that I would like the server not to send messages to my proxy.

If I understand how xmpp works, when I have n users, all registered in the room through the proxy, every time the proxy sends a new message to the xmpp server on behalf of one of the wap clients, in response, wildfire will send n messages to the proxy (one for each user). Sounds useless and bandwidth comsuming to me. Unless it is not the way it works?

I’'m thinking of caching the chat history on the proxy and keep it up-to-date with frequent history requests sent to wildfire. Or maybe registering 1 user representing my proxy, so it gets xmpp messages but only gets one of them.

I hope it makes more sense.

Thank you