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Having issues connecting external clients and chatting via web

Hello you guys… I’m pretty new to open fire. I got it installed on a vps last night however when using a test account I created I cannot log on to test to see if the chat function works. We are going to be using this to chat in groups for my co workers, I’m also hoping this archives so they can come back if they miss something from other people in this project.

Anyway I got it installed pretty much left everything at the default except the host name which i changed then redirected hosstname.domain.com to that. Thats’ about as far as I got. We can’t get our co workers or my test account to connect, and when I visit host.domain.com:port (which in this case is 5222) I get a page cannot be displayed in my browser. I’m using according to the file I have openfire_4.1.6

In this case my co worker’s android client can connect, but me using the web cannot. I cannot find a client that takes custom jabber clients that is accessible with voiceover. I am visually impaired and need accessibility in mind.

I don’t know what else to try here. I’m on a digital ocean vps using the latest ubuntu released some time this year. It took me about 3 hours to get to this point last night so I decided to give it a brake.

I should add I did not install any other plugins, so this comes with the default set.

Thanks so much

Openfire is not working as web chat out of box, unless you install some web client, like Candy or Converse.js

Thanks. And how about iOs. Can someone access the chat via web using safari? Or do I just need a plugin to manage that. Also I need to test this on mac as well to see if it works and the two programs I use don’t work with voiceover, the screen reader for mac os.

Again, you are referring to a web chat, which doesn’t exist in Openfire. Openfire is just a server for XMPP clients. These clients can be web based, but it is not included in Openfire. Unless you install and configure one. Openfire has a few among its plugins (Candy, InVerse). I can’t tell how they will work in Safari, i think they should work. Can’t comment on the voiceover part. iOS has a very limited list of XMPP clients and usually they are not so good. https://xmpp.org/software/clients.html

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Ok, so do I look for this candy plugin in the open fire page? Or will the ios user have to do that themselves. You are right that accessibility is very horable when it comes to web browsing. That’s another topic for another time. Maybe I can recommend ImPlus to my co workers I areally am new at this stuff In testing this though on the mac I tried to use my username I set up but it is not an email address. I’ll keep trying.

Using a web client on mobile should be painful. Apps are always a better more suitably designed approach for a small screen. But as i’ve said iOS doesn’t have good selection of clients. You can try using Messages, but i’ve heard its xmpp support is quirky. To install Candy or InVerse go to Plugins section of Admin Console in Openfire. Before installing press the Readme icon and see how it works, how to configure it. I haven’t tried them myself. Can’t tell how exactly it works, but after you setup one of them a user should be able to run a web client by opening a specific url (its beginning will be same as with Admin Console).

Well, I did install the candy plugin. That was painless but in testing this, I got an invalid username even though I was loging in with mine (not admin), my regular account. I had to change the domain a bit as it was pointing to the wrong one. It worked except what ever I use weather it be my user name, my email, username@jabber.domain.com etc etc, It fails… I should not be working on a Sunday. Hehaha. I really am new at some of this stuff so bare with me.

I have just tried Candy and InVerse on my test server and it worked as intended. I had to use user@domain to login, where domain is the XMPP domain of my Openfire server, which is shown on the Admin Console start page. And which should also be used as a domain in Spark.