Having issues with MSN Gateway on Spark...multiple reports connected to our instance

Is this a known issue? Is there a known fix…

MSN Gateway working a week ago isn’t now. Able to create account connection and test on Openfire server completes successfully.

But when signing on…nothing happens.

host is: messenger.hotmail.com

port is: 1863


El Capitan

We meet the same problem and all users cannot access the MSN gateway now? Any patch can be used to fix this problem?


Upgrade to 1.2.3a, it includes a fix for this.

Thanks for your reply and actually I have already upgraded to the said version. But it cannot login in this morning. (the gateway said it is ok but users cannot see their buddy list) Finally I restart the server again and problem seem to be fixed.


Thank you. The key here is restarting your server after implementing the upgrade.