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Having problems with 3.3.2 and Plugins

I have Ver 3.3.2 installed on a linux machine. I downloaded the plugins:




Packet Filter

I didnt shutdown Openfire, and moved the .jar file into the plugin folder. After doing so, I couldn’t find the plugins in the server settings. So I restarted Openfire and still no plugins.

The only plugin I was able to get working was the User Import Export plugin because it was in the Available Plugins section of the ** **Administration Console.

Is my version of Openfire not compatible with these plugins? What am I doing wrong, or just not doing?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am doing this all in terminal, which I am just starting to learn so bear with me

If it is not compatilble you should find some usefull information inside the logs. Please could you post them as well. Why do you use an very very old version of Openfire,is there any reason for this ?

Boradcast version 1.7.0 need at least Openfire 3.4.1

MotD version 1.0.2 or greater need at least Openfire 3.4.0

Monitoring 1.1.0 or greater need at least Openfire 3.6.0

So these versions should work with your installation:

Boradcast version 1.6.0 works with Openfire 3.3.0

MotD version 1.0.1 works with Openfire 3.3.0

Packet Filter should work with all Openfire versions


MiMose aka Gulli Baer

Thank you very much, I gave in and updated to 3.6.4. It now seems as though there is a 3.7 now though.

3.6.4 works much better.