Having similar functionality as Asterisk-IM plugin


i use an asterisk IP PBX and i have installed Openfire at the same server. I want to achieve the following scenario:

A user has a hard ip phone (say a Grandstream device) at his desk. The phone has been registered with a sip account, for example account 101 (SIP/101). The same user has the Spark client installed at his desktop pc and his account on OpenFire registered too. Is there any way, when this person is getting a call, a popup at his desktop is showed with information and the status at Spark Client be “on the phone” or something like that ?

If i try to enter sip information at sip plugin same as the hard phone, the account is going crazy and the user became unavailable. (I have to reboot the phone so the phone recovers its state)

I read that it is logical mistake to have two devices with one sip account. But, i had see something similar happening with Asterisk-IM plugin that is now has been stopped…

Is there any way to achieve that ?