Having two BASE DN's

If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

We currently have two BASE DN’s with users in them.

We want to have all these users to be added into Pidgin.

We cannot change the Active Directory format due to group policy settings we have created.

Any advice, is it possible to have two Base DN’s?

Thanks in advance.


I’m not sure, but maybe two base dns qualifies as two domains in Openfire and there is no support for multiple domains and it is not planned. At least in LDAP config section there is only one field for base dn, so i see no way for adding two of them.

Thanks for your reply,

So there is no way to just simply add a second ou in the Base DN field?

Well, i’m not an LDAP expert, so maybe you should wait for someone more knowledgable to comment. It just looks to me that it shouldn’t be possible.

I have changed the BASE DN: to our domain.

Which is the primary folder in Active Directory.

I think this may work, will post back if it doesn’t.