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Hazelcast 1.0.4 plugin


I am using openfire 3.8.1 and I need to setup an openfire cluster with hazelcast plugin. The latest version of hazelcast plugin (1.0.6) require min version of openfire 3.8.2 so it did not work with my version. Can somebody help me where can I download 1.0.4 version of hazelcast plugin (hazelcast.jar file).

I could not upgrade to 3.8.2 due to pubsub intergration in my application so it required me to use openfire 3.8.1 version.

The source code of hazelcast plugin 1.0.4 version can be get at: http://svn.igniterealtime.org/svn/repos/openfire/tags/openfire_3_8_1/src/plugins /hazelcast/

but I don’t know how to compile it to hazelcast.jar file.