Hazelcast cluster and group chats

Hi all,

I’ve setup a 2 servers cluster with the Hazelcast plugin, but users connected on one server can’t create/join group chats created on the other server.

Has anyone faced this issue?


I have been setup openfire 4.0.2 in two different nodes and used Hazelcast Clustering Plugin 2.2.0 and tried for enables cluster, but process goes forever. i don’t know what is issue?

Please help me!!

Thanks in advance.

I had to go with the 4.1.0 alpha to make the plugin work, otherwise it would process forever and half the admin console would be unusable.

I still can’t figure what’s going on with group chats, it works intermittently and I’ve no idea what the issue is.

We are experiencing the same issue.

We are using fastpath for workgroup functionality

For High Availability installed the Hazelcast Clustering plugin.

The issues I am facing is :

  1. No Fastpath tab functionality on the secondary node (By secondary node i mean hazelcast secondary node)

  2. The workgroups are not replicated to different nodes in the cluster. Its only available to the primary node. The moment i bring down the primary node and the other becomes a primary, the user is able to log in. However bringing up the other node now throws unauthorized exception.

  3. Users created on one node are not available on the other nodes. Though we can see them under the user / groups.

There has been a consistent challenge in our experiences with OpenFire and lack of proper support makes it worst. We have built a complete application suite using openfire but the challenges with High Availability and Workgroup is a show stopper for us to move this into production. Finally we are in discussion with processone and are inclined to move to ejabberd.

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