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Hazelcast clustering failed to sync user sessions between nodes


I have deployed Openfire on 2 servers with one MySQL database. Both Openfire servers are communicating with each other using the hazelcast plugin. I have attached my hazelcast config. I am using strophe and smack as client respectively for PC and android. Also, I am using HAProxy to distribute the load.

So User can either make the connection to any of the Openfire server and should be visible on both Openfire server as clustering is enabled.

But this is not happening in my case. It showing total numbers of session count as 2500 but, on each server individual, it showing around 1400-1500 session. That means all remote sessions are not properly transmitted to each node.

On session page, in pagination tabs its showing 25 page, but after 15th page all the pages are empty.

Also, communication between users which are connected to different nodes are not working as for node another user is offline.
hazelcast-cache-config.xml.zip (4030 Bytes)