Hazelcast Plugin update needed for aws region eu-central-1

Current hazelcast plugin is built on hazelcast 3.5.1 sources.

But hazelcast 3.5.2 contains a patch that makes aws autodiscovery work in region eu-central-1 and others, which use v4 signing.

see here: com.hazelcast.cluster.impl.TcpIpJoinerOverAWS Server returned HTTP response code: 401 for URL: https://ec2.amazonaws.com

Its exactly the error and the same setup i get in my aws region.

we build an openfire cluster created by an autoscaling group on aws and need autodiscovery, because the node members get random ips and instance spawning etc is automated.

When can we expect an hazelcast plugin update with hazelcast codebase 3.5.2?

I post this here in clustering-dev, and i really hope to get a response, though this group seems dead…