Hello World! I'm Smack's new maintainer. Smack 3.4.1 released

Hi there, I’m Smack’s new maintainer. Some of you may know me already as the maintainer of aSmack, the Android port of Smack. I first like to thank Robin for his work on Smack in the past.

Smack has a long development history. The first recorded commit dates back to Jan 13 2003. Now, over 11 years later, we are going make fundamental changes to Smack in order to ensure that it will last another decade.

Most importantly: Ignite Realtime is applying as Google Summer of Code organization. We propose a project to modernize and modularize Smacks build system. One reason why this is necessary, is that we want Smack to be able to target Java SE and Android. Read more about it here.

Smacks SVN repository has been migrated to git, and the code is now hosted on GitHub. We are currently evaluating hosting the code in our own Atlassian Stash, but that isn’t decided yet and is not a high priority right now.

Let’s have a look at Smack’s contributors of the last 11 years:

513 Gaston Dombiak

474 Matt Tucker

123 rcollier

105 Thiago Camargo

104 Florian Schmaus

69  Alex Wenckus

46  Bill Lynch

43  Derek DeMoro

24  Günther Niess

15  Daniel Henninger

12  Henning Staib

11  loki

 7  Michael Will

 7  Wolf Posdorfer

 7  guus

 6  Holger Bergunde

 6  Jeff Williams

 5  Jay Kline

 4  Marilyn Daum

 3  Francisco Vives

 2  bruce

 1  (no author)

 1  Andrew Wright

 1  Pete Matern

 1  Tim Jentz

 1  root

Hopefully this list will grow over the time. If you’d like to contribute bigger patches to Smack, please consult the developers. Either via IRC #smack (freenode) or via the developers forum. All patches will be reviewed, since there are usually a few things that should be improved before the commit is ready for Smack’s master branch. Make also sure to read the Guidelines for Smack Developers and Contributors.

Besides the GSOC project, there are more goodies in the queue, like XEP-0198 Stream Mangament and Roster Versioning.

We also work on migrating the build system to gradle, including deployments to sonatype/maven central. I expect the next release to be available as jar and via maven central.

Finally, shortly after the 3.4.0 release, a memory leak was reported in the forum. The cause was identified 6 hours later, and a fixed nighlty release was made availabe shortly after. I am going to use this importand fix as reason to release Smack 3.4.1 today, in order to get familar with the release process of Smack.


Congrats to your new job and my best wishes!

Congrats with the first release

good job!

Do you get paid for doing this? Irregardless, love your work and love openfire. I use it alot.

Nobody is getting paid here Not by igniterealtime.org at least (not speaking about Google Summer of Code or when people are getting paid from their companies while doing work on projects for their needs).

If only I could convince my employer to pay me for contributions!

where do I post a request for a custom plugin, which I’m too lazy to develop myself, and I am definitely going to pay that person for this request. real money

You can try forums, but i doubt you will get any answer. It is probably easier to find a local java programmer and pay him for the work.

Congrats on your first release. Nicely done on the quick turnaround after the bug was discovered.

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great news!!!


Smack 3.4.1 advanced debugger still shows version is 3.4.0. Maybe something was missed in this release? Any updates on these being pushed to maven central?



No, there is nothing missing. The version number was not increased in all places for the 3.4.1 release. That’s why with Smack 4.0 there is only one version number, not a dozens in different files like it was with the 3.X series of Smack.

Smack 3.4 will likely never be released on Maven Central. I suggest to use a fixed version of one Snapshots of the 4.0 series: https://oss.sonatype.org/content/repositories/snapshots/org/igniterealtime/smack /

We’ll make a call for testing the 4.0 series within the next 2-4 weeks. The sooner you start using those, the sooner we can react on possible regressions. Smack 3.4 also contains a few security issues.

Awesome, thanks for the sonatype repo info. I’ll check it out 4.0 series.

I’m runnining into an issue with Smack 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT:

Please post error reports in the forum, not as comment on the blog post.